the fourth graders present

October 31 - November 8, 2015
presented in partnership with The Hypocrites

Creative Team

Written by: Sean Graney
Co-Directed by: Joel Ewing and Mechelle Moe
Stage Managed by: Dina Klahn
Lighting Designed by: Rachel Gilbert and Rachel Levy
Set Designed by: John Wilson
Sound Designed by: Kevin O'Donnel
Choreography by: Dana Murphy
Fight Choreography by: Max Fabian

Featuring Company Members: Brian Baren, Justin Burns, Hunter Dunn, Heather Lauritzen, Jauhara Sanders, Cleo Shine and Olivia Shine


"as well as the remarkable youth ensembles of Senn Arts Magnet School High School’s The Yard, in conjunction with The Hypocrites (in “The Fourth Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide”), who turned in uncannily brilliant performances in roles that required them to dominate the stage."
Chicago Sun-Times"The Best Theatre of 2015," Hedy Weiss

"the students of The Yard do a magnificent job carrying the play’s humor and heft. The value of their work is simple though its execution is anything but. This is work for the young, by the young. It is only a matter of how we decide to define that term."
NewCity Stage, Kevin Greene

"Joel Ewing and Mechelle Moe’s stylized revival, co-produced by the Hypocrites and the Yard, gains considerable poignancy from being performed by a talented cast of Senn High School students only a few years older than the characters they play."
Chicago Reader, Zac Thompson

"Poignant, entertaining, and memorable,The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide reminds me why I go to the theatre."
Night Out Reviews, Ryan Anderson