January 13 - 23, 2016
Presented in partnership with Raven Theatre

It is Annie Desmond’s sixteenth birthday and her friends have decided to help her celebrate in style, complete with a brand new tattoo. Before her special night is over, however, Annie and her friends enter into a life altering pact. When Annie tries to make good on her promise to her friends, she is forced to take a good look at the world that surrounds her. She befriends Malik, who promises a bright future, and Keera, whose evangelical leanings inspire Annie in a way her young parents have not been able to do. In the end Annie’s choices propel her onto an irreversible path in this story that combines wit, poetry, and hope.

Creative Team

Written by: Kirsten Greenidge
Co-Directed by: Joel Ewing and Mechelle Moe
Assistant Directed by: Hunter Dunn
Stage Managed by: Christina Casano
Lighting Designed by: Maggie Fullilove-Nugent
Set Designed by: Andrew Burden Swanson
Sound Designed by: Aaron James Stephenson
Costume Designed by: Emma Cullimore
Scenic Painting by: Anthony Venturini

Featuring Company Members: Lawren Carter, Tevion Lanier, Sheharrel Rhodes, Ireon Roach, Megan Napier with guest artists Elana Elyce and Brandon Greenhouse


"Pop quiz: Where will you find some of the most honest, moving, skillful acting on any Chicago stage at the moment? Answer: You might be surprised to hear this, but it is at Raven Theatre, where a remarkable company of (mostly) teenage actors — students in the arts magnet program of Senn High School, who are members of a unique theater company there called The Yard — are performing Kirsten Greenidge’s play, “Milk Like Sugar.”
Chicago Sun-Times, Hedy Weiss

"a truly remarkable production at Raven Theatre), audiences will be treated to a play of uncommon empathy and honesty that is one of the richest portrayals of inner-city life that I’ve yet seen on a Chicago stage...I used the adjective “remarkable” to describe the production of “Milk Like Sugar” as no mere hyperbole."
Chicago Theatre Review

“Milk Like Sugar” is undeniably bleak at times, but again, it’s a testament to the talents of Raven and The Yard that the play does not become an unrequited downer."
Chicago Theatre Review

"Of course, calling them “kids” is misleading. These young actors fill Greenidge’s demanding roles with fury and grace. On stage, they possess all the confidence that their respective characters lack. While the play’s title alludes to an empty substitution, these performances are nutrient-dense, nourishing the spirit of the performers and audiences alike."
NewCity Stage, Kevin Greene

"But these guys are anything but low achieving—their performances are universally strong, the cast negotiating the emotional twists with grace and power. Honestly, this ensemble could hold its own in any non-Equity production in town."
Chicago Reader, Jack Helbig